You may expect orthodontics in it’s state of the art. Besides the scanner for the digital coverage of your dental Impression, our devices  include among others the following removable and fixed braces:

  • Removable appliances, Double plates, Activator and Bionator, produced from allergy reduced materials; under specific conditions we provide treatments with removable plates only, especially for patients with insufficient mouth hygiene.
  • Speed® Braces from Canada are one of the world’s smallest self-ligating. They are especially appreciated by our small patients, as they are small, round and easy to clean. More information under
  • Colour stable, tooth-coloured ceramic braces with wires in the colour of the teeth: They are significantly less obvious than metal braces and do not change colour. More information under
  • Incognito® and WIN® lingual braces as invisible braces for the inner side of your teeth. They are truly invisible and lead to the same results as labial braces (braces from outside). Dr Tries-Obijou is certified to use these braces. More information is available at and
  • Invisalign® as almost invisable, removable aligners, that you wear the whole day except eating times. They are replaced fortnightly. Dr Tries-Obijou is certified for treatments with these custom-fit bars. Our practice enjoys Invisalign Gold Status, which leads to substantial advantages for patients. Our patients are frequently enthusiastic about the results. More at
  • Benefit®-Mini-Implantsystem: these little palatine screws often help to avoid extracting remaining teeth or prevent surgery. We set these screws by ourselves and are very careful at that.
  • Bio Bite Corrector: an additional brace in addition to the other appliances, that corrects significant overbites. More information is available at
  • Individual TMJ bars: Dr Tries-Obijou plans individually for your discomfort a specific bar, that is produced in our own laboratory. Long-term experience and specialization has helped hundreds of patients to get rid of their pains.
  • Protection for athletes: colourful appliances for hockey, rugby, boxing, soccer and many more.
  • Lingual retainer: as inside bow to secure the treatment’s results.

Precise appliances and long-term experience of Dr Nicole Tries-Obijou and her team together with the patient’s excellent co-operation will deliver results on highest quality levels.

For more information and additional questions please make an appointment per e-mail using:

“A brilliant smile – that is our objective!”

Kieferorthopädische Fachpraxis Dr. Nicole Tries-Obijou & Kollegin